• AMS Congress 2021
    Midlife and Menopause: Perception in the Pandemic AMS Congress 26-28 November 2021 Join us in Adelaide as we share our experiences and knowledge gained as we have all adapted in our approaches to Midlife and Menopause issues across the pandemic. This year’s conference offers you a stimulating s... Read more..
  • The 2022 Hormone Therapy Position Statement of the North American Menopause Society
    Highlights Hormone therapy remains the most effective treatment for vasomotor symptoms (VMS) and the genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM) and has been shown to prevent bone loss and fracture. Personalization with shared decision-making remains key, with periodic reevaluation to determ... Read more..
  • eChanges July 2022
    Inside this issue AMS News President's Report Cervical Screening Test Self-Collection: a game-changer for menopausal women? New AMS Information Sheet: Contraception Make Menopause Matter Call for submissions for the AMS Scientific Prize News from Around the World The 2022 Hormo... Read more..
  • Cervical Screening Test Self-collection: a game-changer for menopausal women?
    By Dr Elina Safro National Cervical Screening Program (NCSP) has paved the way for Australia to become the first country in the world to eliminate cervical cancer within the next decade or two (1). However, the ongoing engagement in the program remains low, with only 56% of eligible participants be... Read more..
  • Osteoporosis for midlife women and beyond
    ModeratorProfessor Peter F. Schnatz SpeakersDr Michael LewieckiReview of the current guidelines on diagnosis and when to treatDr Michael McClungThe current and best therapeutic options Time  Jul 12, 2022 11:00 PM AEST  Read more..
  • Dealing with a big issue - weight gain at midlife
    16 December 2020 Speakers: Dr Ekta KapoorBody weight-what happens at menopause? Prof Fatima StanfordWhat treatment strategies can we offer for obesity? Read more..
  • eChanges June 2022
    Inside this issue AMS News President's Report New AMS Information Sheet: Fragile X and Premature Ovarian Insufficiency Menopause Essentials Update Auckland - 2 July 2022 Make Menopause Matter Call for submissions for the AMS Scientific Prize News from Around the World Normalisi... Read more..
  • How to Discuss Sexual Health Concerns With Your Patients
    Sheryl A Kingsberg, PhDChief, Division of Behavioral MedicineDepartment of Obstetrics and GynecologyUniversity Hospitals Cleveland Medical CenterProfessor, Departments of Reproductive Biology, Psychiatry, and UrologyCase Western Reserve University School of MedicineCleveland, Ohio Dr Sheryl Kingsbe... Read more..
  • Our Menopause World June 2022
    President’s Report Dear Friends and Colleagues,  May was a productive month here at the IMS. Meetings were held of the Executive Committee, Board, Education Committee, Membership Committee, and Scientific Program Planning Committee Chairs. The IMS Executive Committee met in person for the fir... Read more..
  • Climacteric E-alert - Vol 25 Iss 4 Aug 22
    Issue Highlights for Month YearVolume 25, Number 1  Welcome to Issue 4 of Climacteric for 2022. This issue contains a broad range of reviews and original work which I commend to you. Please also read our editorials and commentary on three diverse yet important topics. Rod Baber, Editor-in-Chi... Read more..
  • Lifestyle medicine and mood: A practical approach for GPs
    By Dr Janice Brown We are all aware of the impact of lifestyle on health and wellbeing, but how do we address this in our busy clinics? I have recently attended some online lifestyle medicine seminars via the Goodfellow symposium and listened to a very good podcast via the Goodfellow unit which giv... Read more..
  • Hormone Therapy: Discussing the Risks and Benefits with Your Patients
    Dr  Jewel Kling, Professor of Medicine; Chair, Women’s Health Internal Medicine, and Associate Chair of Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity, Department of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr Jewel Kling explains how to discuss the risks and benefits of hormone therapy with your... Read more..
  • Update on Migraine Management
    Most reproductive-aged women who report episodic headache have migraine. Despite recent advances in our understanding of migraine pathophysiology and new FDA-approved targeted migraine therapies, migraine remains underdiagnosed and undertreated. Early diagnosis of episodic migraine and treatment wit... Read more..
  • Fracture risk in younger women
    WHI observational study: Fracture risk in younger women using the Garvan and FRAX Risk Calculators without DXA-derived BMD Fracture risk assessment after menopause is generally advised. The study [1] applied risk assessment by FRAX and Garvan to 63723 women, aged 50-64 years, in the WHI observation... Read more..
  • When and How to Be Screened for Breast Cancer and Having a Baseline Mammogram
    Dr Holly Pederson, director of Medical Breast Services at the Cleveland Clinic and associate professor at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr Holly Pederson reviews when and how to be screened for breast cancer, the importance of... Read more..
  • Understanding Screening Guidelines for Breast Cancer and the Importance of Identifying Risk Factors in Women
    Dr Holly Pederson, director of Medical Breast Services at the Cleveland Clinic and associate professor at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr Holly Pederson reviews different screening guidelines for breast cancer and the importa... Read more..
  • Predictors of premature and early natural menopause
    Moderator Professor Nanette Santoro Speakers Factors affecting age at menopauseProfessor Irene Lambrinoudaki Role of AMH in predicting age at menopauseProfessor Richard Anderson Read more..
  • Webinar: Perimenopause | 5 April 2022
     Thank you to Besins for the unrestricted education grant that made this webinar possible. About the Perimenopause webcast The perimenopause is an important transitional stage of life. It can be associated with a variety of symptoms and potential health consequences. This webinar is targe... Read more..
  • Menopause, Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis
    By Dr Carmel Reynolds Many of you may know that March is Endometriosis Awareness Month across the globe, as well as the month we celebrate International Women’s Day. It seems like a good time to talk about the Women and people Assigned Female at Birth (AFAB) and their health burden. Many of you wil... Read more..
  • AMS Template for Menopause Consult
    A structured approach to menopause consultations:  Menopause consult   History   Main concerns LMP/menstrual history Menopause/perimenopause symptoms – vasomotor, psychological, musculoskeletal genitourinary, sexual, other ... Read more..