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Proactive planning for a long, healthy life

17 October, 2014:

Tomorrow is World Menopause Day

World Menopause Day 2014As women spend around one third of their life after the menopause, it is a good time to "take stock" and work on any lifestyle modifications which will maintain, or improve health into the future.

Helping women to understand their potential risks, and encouraging them to find proactive preventive strategies is a key role for health professionals, according to a report marking World Menopause Day.

Last year we used World Menopause Day to highlight appropriate precautions to minimise cancer risks.

This year find out what more we should be thinking about and what has changed in the way of support therapy for the years immediately following the menopause. 

See World Menopause Day 2014 available on 18 October 2014.


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