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Disclaimer: This listing covers doctors who are current financial members of the Australasian Menopause Society (AMS). It does not imply endorsement of any individual practice or practices. In particular, the AMS does not endorse the use of unproven bioidentical or complementary medicines.

Dr Tarsha Basheer
Address: Suite 1 Attunga Medical Centre
City / Suburb: Toorak Gardens
Postcode: 5067
Telephone Number: 08 84315271
Dr Anna Bof
Speciality: O and G Specialist
Address: 1A Williams AVenue
City / Suburb: St Morris
Postcode: 5068
Telephone Number: 08 8331 7755
Dr Feisal Chenia
Speciality: Senior Staff Specialist
Address: Gawler Health Service
City / Suburb: Gawler East
Postcode: 5118
Telephone Number: 08 8521 2000
Dr Alison Clarke
Practice Name: Woodcroft Medical Centre
Speciality: General Practitioner
Address: 1 Sir James Hardy Way
City / Suburb: Woodcroft
Postcode: 5162
Telephone Number: 08 8322 2099
Dr Stacey Clohesy
Practice Name: Edward Street Family Practice
Speciality: General Practitioner
Address: 67 Edward Street
City / Suburb: Norwood
Postcode: 5067
Telephone Number: 08 8332 0055
Dr Andrew Day
Practice Name: Ashford Specialist Centre
Speciality: Gynaecologist
Address: Suite 27
City / Suburb: Ashford
Postcode: 5035
Telephone Number: 08 8297 5711
Dr Jane Elliott
Practice Name: North Adelaide Family Practice
Speciality: General Practitioner
Address: 118 Barnard Street
City / Suburb: North Adelaide
Postcode: 5006
Telephone Number: 08 82672177
Dr Meredith Frearson
Speciality: General Practitioner
Address: 43 Carrington Street
City / Suburb: Adelaide
Postcode: 5000
Telephone Number: 08 8410 0774
Dr Diana Gillatt
Speciality: General Practitioner
Address: Tanunda Medical Centre
City / Suburb: Tanunda
Postcode: 5352
Telephone Number: 08 8563 2777
Dr Rosemary Anne Jones
Practice Name: The Adelaide Private Menopause Clinic
Speciality: Gynaecologist
Address: Clinic 8/1 Kermode Street
City / Suburb: North Adelaide
Postcode: 5006
Telephone Number: (08) 8239 1988
Dr Suzanne Kovacs
Practice Name: Hughes Clinic
Address: 160 Unley Road
City / Suburb: Unley
Postcode: 5061
Telephone Number: 08 8272 8266
Dr Anna Limgenco
Practice Name: Calvary Central District Hospital
Speciality: Obstetrician and Gynaecolgist
Address: 25-37 Jarvis Road
City / Suburb: Elizabeth Vale
Postcode: 5123
Telephone Number: 8 8282 5371
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