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Presenting a Positive Outlook on the Menopause


Your years between 45 and 55 can be the best of your life. You should now be able to do the things you enjoy.

These years are also usually the time when you reach the menopause. With the right treatment however, menopause will barely interfere with your life.

This booklet has been put together to answer your questions about the menopause.

So you can maintain an active, vibrant lifestyle after the menopause, it also outlines ways in which you can reduce, and even eliminate the impact of menopausal symptoms.

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This book was written by Dr Alastair MacLennan, Professor and Head of the Discipline of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, The University of Adelaide and Dr Alice MacLennan, GP and Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Adelaide. 

It contains advice based on their clinical expertise and practice and represents their independent views.

Content Updated April 2012

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