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AMS Newsletter | 20 December 2023

AMS Newsletter | 20 December 2023
AMS 20 Dec 2023
AMS Newsletter
Welcome to the AMS Newsletter for doctors and other healthcare professionals who have a special interest in women's health. The content covers information and resources relevant to menopause, midlife and the promotion of healthy ageing.

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December 2023

A Practitioner’s Toolkit for Managing Menopause

The toolkit was developed by the Women’s Health Research Program in the Monash University School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, 2023.

The supporting notes for the Practitioner’s Toolkit for Managing Menopause are published, with free access, in Climacteric, the journal of the International Menopause Society

The essential algorithms from A Practitioner’s Toolkit for Managing Menopause are now available in a 12 page PDF here.


A practitioners toolkit for managing menopause


 For more information go here 

Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT) Patch discontinuation and shortages




Expected supply due

Estalis sequi 50/250

50mcg oestradiol/250mcg norethisterone

22 Dec 2024

Estradot 25

25mcg oestradiol

26 April 2024

Estradot 37.5

37.5mcg oestradiol

17 May 2024

Estraderm 25

25mcg oestradiol

22 Dec 2023

Estraderm 75

75mcg oestradiol

15 Mar 2024

There is an anticipated shortage of Estradot 100 from 22 Dec 2024.

There is now supply of:

  • Estraderm MX 100
  • Estalis Conti 50/140

The AMS Guide to MHT Doses (Australia only) provides a guideline to approximately equivalent doses of the different MHT/HRT products in Australia.

New Zealand

In New Zealand, there is no stock of Estradot 25 or Estradiol TDP Mylan 25mcg. There is no stock of both Estradot 50 and Estradiol TDP Mylan 50mcg. There is stock of Estradot 75 but none of Estradiol TDP Mylan 75mcg. Both Estradot 100 and Estradiol TDP Mylan 100mcg are available.

Summary of availability





25 mcg




50 mcg




75 mcg




100 mcg




The AMS Guide to MHT Doses (New Zealand only) provides a guideline to approximately equivalent doses of the different MHT/HRT products in New Zealand.

IMS World Congress on Menopause in Melbourne 2024

IMS World Congress on Menopause in Melbourne 2024

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IMS Live 27 November 2023: Menopausal symptoms in mid-aged women from Paraguay

Recently, Sánchez-Zarza et al. [1] aimed at determining the prevalence of menopausal symptoms and factors related to severity in mid-aged women from Asunción, Paraguay. For this, they carried out a cross-sectional study in which 216 urban-living women (40-60 years) were surveyed with the 10 item Cervantes Scale (CS-10) and a general questionnaire containing personal and partner data. They found that the median age of the sample of 48 years, 48.1% were postmenopausal, 8.8% used menopausal hormone therapy, 39.4% psychotropic drugs, 43.5% had hypertension, 6.5% diabetes, 51.9% abdominal obesity, and 89.3% had a partner (n = 193). A history of sexual abuse was present in 2.8%. The median total CS-10 score was 8.5. Overall, 93.3% (180/193) of women having a partner were sexually active, with a median coital frequency of 8 times per month...

Sexual Health During and After Cancer - video
Dr Bober discusses changes in sexual health during and after cancer. She reviews that sexual recovery after cancer is a process and an important part of a patient’s quality of life. She encourages healthcare professionals to discuss sexual concerns with their patients and direct them to the best resources available.

Menopause e-Consult:
A 53-year-old woman with a history of atypical ductal hyperplasia, treated by resection, and anxiety, well managed with escitalopram but otherwise healthy, presents to discuss treatment of her vasomotor symptoms... 
Question: A 48-year-old active White woman presents to your clinic to discuss her risk of osteoporosis. Her last menstrual period was at age 45. She has a family history of osteoporosis in her mother, who had a hip fracture at age 70. This woman wants to know what the best test is to determine whether she is going to develop osteoporosis in the future...

Premature and Early Menopause and Management Recommendations: 
Dr Ekta Kapoor, 
Associate Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota, discusses premature and early menopause and the long-term effects of estrogen deprivation. She reviews the causes of premature menopause, the importance of counseling ad pregnancy risk, and management recommendations.

Practice Pearl: Fractional CO2 Laser for Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause: Evaluating the Evidence

IMS Our Menopause World December 2023
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European Menopause and Andropause Society (EMAS) Newsletter
AMS is an affiliate of EMAS. See a copy of the December newsletter.

Seasons Greetings

The AMS Board and Executive would like to take the opportunity to wish well for you this festive season and to have many moments of joy, reflection, and connection with loved ones.

Seasons Greetings 2023


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