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Age at Menopause Increasing in Europe

The age of menopause varies across Europe, shifting toward higher ages, a study shows. The trend appears paradoxical because determinants of early menopause, such as overweight, smoking, sedentarity and nulliparity are rising, the researchers say.

Median age of natural menopause was 54 years.

The heterogeneity of the secular trend suggests country -specific factors not included in the study such as improved childhood nutrition and health.

The determinant for later menopause was multiparity, with oral contraceptive use yielding heterogenous effects on timing of menopause.

Is age at menopause increasing across Europe? Results on age at menopause and determinants from two population-based studies.

Dratva, J et al

Menopause 2009;16 (2):385-394



Content Updated April 24 2009

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