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Gluten-free diets and menopause

A gluten-free diet appears to delay menopause for women with Coeliac disease, a study shows.

The study found that a gluten-free diet which started at least 10 years before menopause prolonged the fertile life span of Coeliac women. Participants were 33 women with Coeliac disease after menopause who had not consumed a gluten-free diet and 25 Coeliac women who had plus 45 controls.

Perception of intensity of hot flushes and irritability was more severe in untreated Coeliac women than controls and researchers said low exercise and quality of life often reported by untreated Coeliac patients might increase the perception of menopausal symptoms.

Coeliac patients not on a gluten-free diet also had a shorter fertile period than control women due to late menarche and earlier menopause. 
Menopause June 2011 From menarche to menopause: the fertile life span of celiac women

Content updated 19 July 2011

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