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Where did my libido go?

By Dr Rosie King MBBS FAChSHM

This book is for any woman with a libido problem interfering with their relationship.

Dr Rosie King has assessed the different possible issues for women in this regard and managed to normalise the sexual difficulties which may be found in any relationship.  She gives clear guidelines as to ways that women may take control of the situation and work to make improvements with the assistance of the willing partner.

It is 309 pages long however she has condensed the information into a few pages of “key points” related to each chapter. This allows the reader to be directed to read the information relevant to them, more easily and then progress to the full chapter details if desired. The writing style is lucid, logical and humorous at times. She includes some relevant anatomy, physiology and behavioural information. She usefully includes anecdotal male and female libido stories to illustrate important points.

Dr King has usefully written chapters 10,11,13 and 14 for the partners to read-with the usual key points written at the end of each chapter.

This book will appeal to those women and their often confused partners who are suffering from loss of desire. It is a very good time to publish it when coincidentally some drug companies are medicalising the loss of libido and doing trials on medication which may beneficially but artificially affect it.

Many women with loss of libido may be helped simply by reading this book and following the advice. Others may need more help in terms of relationship or other counselling and where appropriate some women may need to see their GPs for their medical conditions e.g. depression, chronic medical conditions and other medical causes of loss of libido including taking certain medications. Dr King has included advice along these lines.

Loss of libido is often a complex multifaceted condition leading to a lot of morbidity and thus the interested medical practitioner may find Dr Rosie King’s book illuminating in terms of how to structure the consultation and management of the condition. It is a book that may save a lot of unhappy marriages and relationships and is worth a read.

Health/ Sex:   IBSN: 978164711561

Review by
Dr Katie Thorne, MBBS
The Keogh Institute for Medical Research,
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital,
Nedlands. Perth 6009

Content updated 7 February 2011