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World Menopause Day 2021

WMD IMS 2021

World Menopause Day is held every year on the 18th October. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the menopause and the support options available for improving health and wellbeing. We encourage professionals and women to participate in this global awareness raising campaign by printing and sharing these materials, organising events to engage their communities, and sharing World Menopause Day social media posts. 

The theme for World Menopause Day 2021 is Bone Health.

The October print issue of Climacteric includes the Update on bone health: the IMS White Paper. The paper is also available via Climacteric online with free access here

Osteoporosis and associated fractures present a major challenge in improving global health outcomes. Key clinical aspects are the definition of osteoporosis and associated fractures, fracture risk prediction, stratification of risk of fracture, intervention thresholds and the most appropriate intervention based on integration of aforementioned. Correct understanding and application of these concepts are essential to stem the increasing tide of fragility fractures associated with an aging population. The role of muscle strength and function, sarcopenia, and the newly emerging concept of osteosarcopenia in maintaining bone health are discussed in detail.

The International Menopause Society has commissioned two experts at the forefront of their specialty to define the state of the art in the understanding of this condition, to advise on practical management strategies and to propose future research strategies.

Update on bone health: the International Menopause Society White Paper 2021.

The Board of the International Menopause Society (IMS) has decided to focus on bone health for World Menopause Day 2021. Osteoporosis and associated fractures are the most common chronic metabolic bone disease and represent a major global health problem, contributing to 8.9 million fractures worldwide on an annual basis [1]. Worldwide, there are marked variations in the rates of hip fracture and major osteoporotic fractures [2]. Fractures associated with osteoporosis cause not only increased morbidity but also an increased mortality [3]. A special issue of Climacteric dealing in great depth with all aspects of bone health will appear later this year. The first part of the present paper deals with demystifying key clinical aspects of osteoporosis, namely definition, fracture risk prediction, stratification of risk, intervention thresholds and the integration of these factors into clinical practice. The second part of the paper deals with the emerging recognition of the role of muscle strength and function in maintaining bone health.

You can access the White paper here when published.  

AMS Information Sheets - for Health Professionals

The AMS has recently updated the Information Sheet Calcium supplements and also has Osteoporosis.

Spontaneous Premature Ovarian Insufficiency Early Menopause due to Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

AMS Fact Sheets - for Patients

The AMS has the patient Fact Sheets Decreasing the risk of falls and fractures before, during and after menopause

pdfDecreasing the risk of falls and fractures before, during and after menopause67.29 KB

decreasing fracture risk  


Patient Information Leaflet: Bone Health

IMS has produced the Patient Information Leaflet to help women to better understand about bone health.

You can download and read the Patient Information Leaflet here pdfPatient Information Leaflet: Bone health570.25 KB         

IMS bone health leaflet

Awareness Raising Poster

This A4 poster is designed to make women think about and possibly seek help regarding the changes that are happening to them as they enter midlife.

The poster can be used in a physician’s waiting room or reception, in libraries, or during health awareness meetings for women. The poster can be used throughout the year to encourage women to seek help and advice from their health care professional. You can download the poster here pdfIMS Bone Health Poster466.79 KB

Poster IMS Bone Health   

Content created September 2021

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