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Decision Aid: Statin/Aspirin Choice

Statin/Aspirin Choice Decision AidThe electronic version of the Statin/Aspirin Choice Decision Aid, a randomised trial tested tool to help patients and clinicians discuss the pros and cons of statin and aspirin use to reduce the risk of heart attacks.

The risk calculator allows you to use one of three methods of assessing risk of cardiovascular disease and whether the patient should be on extra medication.

The best known is the Framingham calculator which has been used for many years. The Reynolds calculator has been designed specifically for women and the AHA/ACC calculator is the newest. 

The Framingham calculator allows you to use Australian and New Zealand results more easily than the two other options.


The full version of the decision aid is available for free at https://statindecisionaid.mayoclinic.org/

The demonstration below shows how a US clinician would use the Statin/Aspirin Choice Decision Aid.



Content updated February 2014

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