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The following topic concerning the contraception may be found in the AMS Information Sheets. 


  • While fertility declines with age, women are at risk of an unintended pregnancy until 12 months after the last menstrual period if over 50 years (24 months if below 50 years)
  • Women should be provided with evidence-based information about all contraceptive options in order to support informed decision making
  • Oestrogen containing methods (combined oral contraception and the vaginal ring) and the contraceptive injection are generally not recommended after 50 years as the cardiovascular risks outweigh the benefits
  • The LNG-IUD provides effective management of heavy menstrual bleeding as well as contraception and it can be used as part of an HRT regimen
  • Women in a new relationship should be advised about the use of condoms to prevent STIs
  • Women should be informed about the availability of the Emergency Contraceptive Pill without a prescription at pharmacies and its effectiveness up to 96 hours after unprotected intercourse 

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Content updated May 2016