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Sleep complaints and menopausal symptoms

24 January 2022


Recently, Monterrosa-Castro and collaborators [1] published the results of a sub-analysis of a larger cross-sectional study (The CAVIMEC project [Quality of life in the menopause and Colombian Ethnics]), that aimed at identifying the frequency of sleep complaints (SC) and associated menopausal symptoms in apparently healthy women aged 40 to 59 (n=585), that resided in three different capital cities of the Colombian Caribbean. Researchers performed a door to door survey that included collecting sociodemographic characteristics and applying validated form and scales: Menopause Rating Scale (MRS), Jenkins Sleep Scale (JSS), Perceived Psychological Stress (perceived stress), Goldberg Anxiety and Depression Scale, SCOFF scale (eating disorders), and Loneliness Scale of Hughes. For the analysis women were divided into two groups, those with SC and those without SC, as determined by the JSS. Crude and adjusted logistic regressions were performed using SC as a dependent variable and sociodemographic characteristics and the results of the used scales as independent variables. The authors found that according to the JSS a 16.5% of women had SC, with no observed differences in terms of age, body mass index (BMI), or high blood pressure. More women with SC had depression, anxiety, the perception of loneliness, severe menopausal symptoms (MRS: somatic, psychological, urogenital subdomains), and quality of life severe impairment; with no observed differences found in terms of eating disorders and perceived stress. According to the adjusted logistic regression model, only depression was significantly related to SC (OR: 9.81 95% CI: 1.29-74.3, p<0.05). The investigators conclude that in the studied mid-aged Colombian cohort, SC was present in nearly 17% and associated with depressive symptoms.

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