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  • Thinking of menopausal hormone therapy? Here's what you can expect from your GP
    There’s a lot of information to take in. So it’s OK to discuss options for managing your menopausal symptoms over several consultations with your GP. from www.shutterstock.com Rhonda Garad, Monash University and Amanda Vincent, Monash University We have seen increasingly dramatic headlines over... Read more..
  • Maori: What is Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT) and is it safe?
    Download Infographic: What is Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT) and is it safe? Maori812.62 KB       If you have any concerns or questions about options to manage your menopausal symptoms, visit your doctor or go to the Find an AMS Doctor service on the AMS website.  ... Read more..
  • Maori: Menopause what are the symptoms?
    Download Infographic: Menopause - What are the symptoms - Maori564.69 KB  If you have any concerns or questions about options to manage your menopausal symptoms, visit your doctor or go to the Find an AMS Doctor on the AMS website.  NOTE: Medical and scientif... Read more..
  • Prevention of falls and fractures
    Key Points Falls are the main cause of fractures or broken bones at any age and are preventable. Morbidity and mortality from falls and fractures is high. The major predictors of falls include low bone density, impaired postural stability and reduced lower limb muscle strength. Falls r... Read more..
  • Maintaining your weight and health during and after menopause
    MAIN POINTS Weight gain during and after menopause has more to do with your lifestyle and the changes of ageing than with hormonal changes of menopause. The hormonal changes of menopause can cause fat to settle in your abdomen rather than your hips, thighs and buttocks. Menopausal Hormone Treat... Read more..
  • COMMA (Core Outcome Set for Menopausal Symptoms)
    COMMA (Core Outcome Set for Menopausal Symptoms) is inviting clinicians, researchers and women who have experienced menopause around the world to provide input on what symptoms should be measured in trials of treatments for menopausal symptoms. Clinical trials for menopausal symptoms have measured a... Read more..
  • Launch of Healthtalk Australia Early Menopause digital resource for women and health professionals
    Over the last three years, aligned with our strategic mission of fostering partnerships, AMS has been a partner in a NHMRC Partnership grant together with universities, hospitals, other medical societies, non-government organisations and support groups. This project involved the co-design and develo... Read more..
  • Testosterone Case Study
    By Dr Sonia Davison Sue, 54 year old Sue, a 54 year old lady, presents asking advice about lowered libido. Past history: Cholecystectomy Hashimoto’s thyroiditis Hyperlipidemia Medications: Thyroxine 100mcg Rosuvastatin 10mg Estradot 50mcg Prometrium 100mg originally presented 2 y... Read more..
  • Making choices at menopause
    This article outlines the key components of assessing perimenopausal or menopausal women and discusses the benefits and risks of hormonal and non-hormonal treatments.  Key points: Menopause is a time of change for women and provides an opportunity for health assessment and promotion. MHT i... Read more..
  • Maintaining your weight and health during and after menopause
    Download Infographic: Maintaining your weight and health during and after menopause863.57 KB       Download Fact Sheet Maintaining your weight and health during and after menopause98.50 KB If you have any concerns or questions about options to manage your menopa... Read more..
  • Menopause Matters
    Professor Susan DavisPresident of the International Menopause Society and Past-President of the Australasian Menopause Society Menopause impacts women in different ways. Some women breeze through and hardly notice a change - they are the fortunate few. BUT, not having symptoms does not mean that ... Read more..
  • Experts rip into HRT-cancer study
    From The Medical Republic - 9 September 2019 A large study in The Lancet has thrown shade on hormone replacement therapy again by linking it to breast cancer, but experts say the data reflect old prescribing habits and that the benefits of HRT outweigh the risks for many women. The study was ... Read more..
  • International consensus on testosterone treatment for women
    2 September 2019:  The first Global Position Statement on the use of testosterone in the treatment of women, led by the International Menopause Society (IMS), was published in four leading international medical journals today. The statement has been authored by a diverse team of leading expert... Read more..
  • MHT and breast cancer risk
    A new paper on menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) and breast cancer risk has just been published in the Lancet. The International Menopause Society has released the following comment:  “Type and timing of menopausal hormone therapy and breast cancer risk: individual participant meta-analysis of ... Read more..
  • Vaginal Laser Therapy
    MAIN POINTS Vaginal laser is a new treatment being offered for some menopausal symptoms There is insufficient high quality evidence for its safety and benefits Vaginal oestrogen is safe and effective and can be used by most women Vaginal laser for menopausal symptoms is not approved by regulat... Read more..
  • Early menopause – chemotherapy and radiation therapy
    MAIN POINTS Chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer and other conditions can cause temporary or permanent loss of your menstrual periods and menopause.   Before the age of 40, this is known as premature ovarian insufficiency (POI).  Between the ages of 40 and 45, this is kn... Read more..
  • Menopause Videos Vietnamese
    The International Menopause Society (IMS) set of easy-to-understand videos are now also available with Vietnamese subtitles. These seven short videos cover a whole range of issues surrounding the menopause, including the issues women worry most about; weight gain, treatment safety and sex afte... Read more..
  • Tibolone as menopausal hormone therapy
    Key Points Tibolone acts as a combined oral hormone therapy for treating menopausal symptoms It has not been researched as extensively as some other forms of HT Evidence for improved sexual function with tibolone is not strong An increased risk of stroke was found in women over 60 year... Read more..
  • Risks and Benefits of Long-Term Hormone Therapy
    James H Liu, MD, NCMP 2018-2019 NAMS President Arthur H Bill Professor and Chair Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology University Hospitals/MacDonald Women’s Hospital Department of Reproductive Biology Case Western Reserve School of Medicine Cleveland, OH USA Dr James Liu discusses the risks and... Read more..
  • Insufficient nutrition during fetal development may lead to early menopause
    5 December 2018:  Study demonstrates association between prenatal exposure to famine and early reproductive ageing Previous studies have demonstrated that fetal malnutrition can lead to adult chronic disorders such as type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease. A new study out of China now s... Read more..

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