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  • Menopause Essentials Update 2022
    Saturday 4 June 2022 - 1.30-5.00pm (Face-to-face only) The Victoria Hotel, 215 Little Collins St, Melbourne, Victoria This update on Menopause is aimed at GP's, gynaecologists, endocrinologists and other health professionals who are seeking a comprehensive review of the current issues that face th... Read more.
  • Ageing, weight change and breast cancer
    28 March 2022 Summary The role of obesity and weight change in breast-cancer development is complex and incompletely understood. Recently, Ellingjord-Dale et al. [1] recently reported the results of a study that investigated the effects of long-term weight change and the risk of breast-cancer risk... Read more.
  • The safety and efficacy of compound bioidentical hormone therapy in peri- and postmenopausal women
    12 April 2022 Summary Due to the results of the 2002 WHI, many women decided to follow the advice of their doctors and switch from using synthetic hormones to using compounded bioidentical hormone therapy (cBHT). This led to an increase in the prescription of these compounds in the last decade to ... Read more.
  •  Fragile X and Premature Ovarian Insufficiency Webinar 4 April 2022
      The AMS partnered with the Fragile X Association of Australia for Fragile X and POI – What do I need to know? This webinar, presented by AMS Past-President A/Professor Amanda Vincent is for women who are going through or at risk of POI due to FMR-1 pre-mutation. The webinar covers:... Read more.
  • International POI guideline update survey
    What matters for you?  A 10 minute scoping survey for women  | A 10 minute scoping survey for health professionals:  An international collaboration between the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), Inter... Read more.
  • Working shifts may delay the onset of menopause
    It is no secret that working nontraditional shifts can wreak havoc on lifestyle and sleep habits. Shift work has also been known to have a negative effect on workers’ health. A new study suggests it also may delay the onset of natural menopause, possibly because of disruptions in circadian rhythms. ... Read more.
  • Best chance for battling menopausal weight gain may be during perimenopause
    Most women going through menopause complain about the added weight. Menopause is often accompanied by accelerated adverse changes in body composition, hot flashes, and an increased risk of such chronic diseases as osteoporosis and heart disease. A new study suggests that lifestyle interventions aime... Read more.
  • Breast cancer prevention: Time for Change
    14 March 2022 Summary The preventive management of breast cancer often involves endocrine targeted treatments including tamoxifen and aromatase inhibitors. These have shown to lead to fewer diagnosis of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancers but have not consistently demonstrated reduced mortal... Read more.
  • Long-term risks of hysterectomy for benign indication: what is known?
    21 March 2022 Summary Hysterectomy is the most common treatment option for women with uterine fibroids, providing definitive relief of the associated burdensome symptoms. Nevertheless, as with all surgical interventions, it is associated with the risk of complications, short-term morbidities, and ... Read more.
  • Effects of testosterone treatment on clitoral haemodynamics in women with sexual dysfunction
    28 February 2022 Summary Cipriani et al. [1] published the results of an observational - retrospective analysis that aimed at exploring the effects of testosterone treatment over clitoral color Doppler ultrasound (CDU) parameters in pre- and postmenopausal women with sexual dysfunction (n=81) afte... Read more.
  • Breaking the silence on Early menopause
    The theme of International Women’s Day for 2022 is ‘Breaking the bias’. Researchers at Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation, Monash University, have chosen this day to ‘break the silence’ on early menopause, to launch their new evidenced based App for women Ask Early Menopause. Devel... Read more.
  • Glossary of Terms
    AMS Glossary Fact Sheet for Women114.06 KB Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)                 Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) means a clot has formed in the deep veins in the leg. Small pieces can break off, travel up the veins and lead to a blood c... Read more.
  • Early menopause diagnosis article from THE CONVERSATION
    ‘It changed who I felt I was.’ Women tell of devastation at early menopause diagnosis Unsplash, CC BY Rhonda Garad, Monash University and Amanda Vincent, Monash University For Mary*, being told she’d entered menopause much earlier than expected was a shock … It was sort of like I’d gon... Read more.
  • Severity of Menopause Symptoms and Cognitive Performance
    17 January 2022 Menopause is often accompanied by an array of symptoms that can detract from a woman’s quality of life. A new study suggests that the severity of some of those symptoms—especially depression and sexual dysfunction—were linked to a woman’s cognitive performance. Study results are pub... Read more.
  • Can listening to music take the edge off the menopause transition
    26 January 2022 As researchers continue to seek effective treatment options for menopause symptoms as alternatives to proven pharmacologic solutions, a number of innovative therapies have been shown to improve symptoms. A new study identifies music therapy as an attractive option, not only to manag... Read more.
  • Secrets of Women’s Healthy Ageing
    Written by Professor Cassandra Szoeke As the author states in the introduction, the book provides ways to maximise opportunity to optimise health and wellbeing in older age and the evidence or the “why” behind the recommendations. Her use of the term “burkini health”, to point out the book is loo... Read more.
  • Estradot and Estalis to remain on the PBS
    13 September 2021:  Back in May, Sandoz, the supplier of Estradot and Estalis applied to delist these medications from the Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme (PBS) as they were not financially viable. The AMS in collaboration with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and ... Read more.
  • Launch of the updated Global Patient Charter - IOF
    We’re very excited to announce the launch of the updated version of the Global Patient Charter, which is now available in 34 languages. The IOF Global Patient Charter is an instrumental and impactful advocacy tool developed in cooperation with IOF member societies in 2017. Signatories of the Cha... Read more.
  • Survival of UK women following hormone replacement therapy
    Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) reduces women's risk of an early death—according to new research from the University of East Anglia.  A new in-depth study found that for healthy women taking combined HRT, the overall risk of death from all causes is reduced by an average nine percent. For h... Read more.
  • Association of Reproductive History With Brain MRI Biomarkers of Dementia Risk in Midlife
    The drop in estrogen levels that occurs with menopause brings declines in the volumes of “gray matter,” the cellular matter of the brain, in key brain regions that are also affected in Alzheimer’s disease. But a new study from Weill Cornell Medicine researchers, in collaboration with the University ... Read more.

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