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HRT and peripheral arterial disease

A study in nearly 850,000 post-menopausal women has found an association between the use of hormone replacement therapy and a lower risk of having peripheral arterial occlusive disease.

Half of patients reported having used HRT but despite being more likely to be slightly older, to have smoked and to have hypertension and high cholesterol than non-users, they were significantly less likely to have PAD (3.3% v 4.1%.)

Researcher, vascular surgeon Dr Caron Rockman from New York University Medical School said: “This data has important implications with regard to a possible protective effect of HRT on atherosclerotic conditions, particularly in patients at higher risk for these conditions due to medical co-morbidities.”

The study was presented at the Society of Vascular Surgery’s 65th vascular annual meeting in June.


Content updated 19 July 2011

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